Market insight, return analysis, and transaction management, all in one powerful platform

Inertia combines local market expertise with advanced data science to construct SFR & BFR portfolios at the speed of today's market
Build your target asset profile
Define the physical attributes of your ideal asset using our simple profile builder. Your selections will power a custom algorithm that automatically assigns every MLS listing a DNA Score from 0-100 to indicate closeness of fit with your buy box.
Target asset filters
Local market datasets
Get geo-specific baselines for critical asset variables
Using advanced data science and highly-trained models, we project values for key asset variables, such as expenses, growth rates, and vacancy rate, that would otherwise be unknown during underwriting and acquisition.
Understand key asset metrics at a glance
Access a full investment report for every property that includes projected revenue, expenses, net income, and total IRR.
Return analysis for each property
Local market data, like income growth
Contextualize assets with geospatial data
Using hexagonal cartography, our proprietary geo-spatial engine combines and normalizes multiple sources of data to provide insight into geo-specific attributes, helping you assess asset quality based on highly local factors, like school scores, tax trends, and migration patterns.
Deep-dive into projected expenses and returns
Get granular detail on any expense or revenue projection, and modify modeled inputs on a per-property basis to see projections update in real-time.
Projected expenses and revenue
Multiple comps for each property
Evaluate every listing with quality comps
As part of each investment report, Decision Science generates a set of sales and rental comps. Easily modify comps and see how those changes affect automated valuation models in real time.
Initiate offers with our agents in minutes
Offers start directly through the Decision Science platform. Enter a starting bid and max bid, and Inertia’s licensed in-market brokers will do the rest, preparing, delivering, and negotiating offers based on your specifications.
Projected expenses and revenue

Your work doesn’t end with successful acquisitions, and neither does ours

We offer vertically integrated services supported by vertically integrated technology to deliver smart growth for large-scale SFR & BFR investors.
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